10. The worst journey if you believe the Germans

Today we are travelling back into the Namib Desert and it is the worst roads if you believe the Germans. At the end of the day we will decide if we believe the Germans or the Dutch! We have also had endless debates on whether to lower the tire pressure. We have asked the locals and they differ.

We lowered the tire pressure and the trip went well. I believe the Dutch, the first part was the most difficult.

Today we shared a pie and Apple pie at Solataire. It was hard to share as they had no knives at all so we ended up eating with two forks !!

We are also back to all you can eat buffet at the lodge. The food has been very good except for a dodgy ostrich stroganoff in Windhoek which is inedible.

We went in a sunset drive today. I must be the only person who struggles to get on and off the game truck. Getting on I throw everything into the truck then take a running jump and then haul myself up the little steps and fall into the truck. Getting off is even more embarrassing with me backing over the side while I try and get my foot into the step as my butt tries to force me to the ground. I usually end up hanging over the side whilst everyone tries not to laugh.


One thought on “10. The worst journey if you believe the Germans

  1. Your description of getting in and out of the safari truck made me giggle. I can just picture you!
    Hope the Dutch are right and I didn’t give you duff info on the Spreetshooghte pass or I will be in trouble….

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