Daring Driving to Windhoek

Today the Spreethootge Pass am elevation of 3,300 ft. By the way is I said I was on another pass I was lost!!. My friend Tracey has done it so I am sure it will be ok. I have been dreading it. Elvis my friendly guide said that we would be fine but to drive slow. I didn’t tell Joanna but I checked the weather and the car about five times. Joanna also decided to video it! Well…. the video has a lot of me swearing Joanna laughing. It was good!!!

We then drove into Windhoek! Well… the driving is mad! Everyone goes through red traffic lights. They drive at high speed and stop anywhere. Joanna was navigating and I was driving! I survived it was good!

We then arrived at our accommodation and I had to park the car in the parking garage. I could not work out where I needed to line up too. Endless reversing and then going forward. I ended up in tears! It was not good!

We are now off to the famous Joes beer house for beer which is good.

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