Desperately seeking Sossusvlei

Today we left before sun rise to the hour drive to the gates of Sossusvlei. We wanted to be ahead of the tour buses. We arrived with ten minutes to spare to be told that that they had changed the opening gate time and we had 45 minutes to wait. Joanna spent the time culling her over 1000 photos. I chatted to Elvis, great name, one of the guides that I had met the day before. We had a short conversation on Afrikaans where after lots of giggles from me we changed to English.

The gates opened and it was amazing, jeeps, tourist trucks and us all in convey driving out to the dunes.

We saw amazing dunes including dune 45! Joanna then decided to climb the big daddy. I started with her and the chickened out. I saw Elvis on my way down and he laughed and told me another way to see the dead vlei, a fossilised tree pan. Half way I saw this person yelling at me and waving her hands Joanna on the top of the dune. She then sort of ran down the dune and met me. It was so hot and the climb so bad I was looking for a bar. …

We then went to the canyon where once again Joanna decides we should climb down and see it. I swear Joanna is trying to kill me!! It was very pretty but coming up not so much.

Tomorrow the pass!!!

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