Stupid Sat Nav

Today we left Namibia after Uber 2500km. We had several beers at Windhoek. It was a sad day but we were looking forward to South Africa. Every day I have lost something to find it the next day or the day after. Today I sound everything in the car!

We arrived in Cape Town having gone via Walvis Bay! We could not find the car hire place then I had to point out I can’t drive an automatic! The lady was lovely and even offered me a choice of cars. I pointed out like a racist South African I do not like white cars!

The indicators are in the opposite side to the UK cars and then I had the wipers on and could not switch them off. Much swearing later. I’m my phone map system would not work. We were driving into Cape Town and had no idea how to get to the hotel, it was dark, raining and I was swearing!

We stopped at a service station for direction and the staff said for me to ask Pete who was behind a truck! Luckily by the time I had directions my phone had caught up with the fact I was in South Africa and and was giving directions.

We were very happy to arrive at our destination.

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