It is inevitable I would think of family during this lock down.  Its been 7 years since my Dad died and I have finally gone through a box of his things.  Some humorous photos and some thought evoking memories.  It came as a surprise that my dad had kept cards etc from family when my sister died.  My sister who was two years older than I died three weeks after she was born.

I am sure mom and dad were delighted when I came along.  Although the only thing my dad said about my birth was I came out just before lunch time and I have not stopped eating since.  Classy!  He would have been 83 in two days time and I wonder what he would have thought of these days.

I found my passport from when I was a baby, I seemed to travel from Zambia, my place of birth, to Zimbabwe frequently.  I was obviously destined to travel.  I moved to Zimbabwe when I was three and it was a different country then called Rhodesia.  I will blog about that soon.

Here is a photo of my brother and I, when we were young and carefree. They did not have decent camera’s those days!KeithTracy

This photo I love, I think I might look a little like my mom.  How I hated being told that when I was young!


This is a photo of my dad and I.  Very different and as we were both Rams always butting heads.


Stay healthy and safe everyone.


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