The guy at the corner store said to me “Hey Love you going to drink that wine in your own” I smiled and said of course not.

Happy hour is nearly here and I have company.

I love sheep they have cute faces and I have am happy to humiliate myself by shouting “Sheep!” and running off to try and get a photo.

Some of my collection of sheep who do a cheers to.

Most of my sheep collection have been presents. Hopefully my collection does not get out of control and I will become the sheep lady rather than the cat lady.

As boredom sets in I move them around so they can keep me company.

2 thoughts on “Sheep

  1. Somewhere I gave a photo if you trying to catch sheep in the Cotswolds. I am pleased some things remain constant in our crazy, messed-up world. Here’s hoping you will soon by terrorising sheep again! X


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