Amazing Architecture

Growing up in Zimbabwe and South Africa there was little architecture I was exposed too.  We were more concerned about the size of the size of the swimming pool or the BBQ Grill.  My childhood house was a square house with three bedrooms and the redeeming feature was a huge brick fireplace, completely useless in a hot country with no need to building a fire!   Coming to the UK when I was 23 changed my view of buildings! My first job was at the Natural History Museum in London.  Commissioned by Christopher Wren it is one of the most beautiful buildings I have seen.

When I started travelling I realised I loved buildings and houses.   I have been to Bilbao, Spain to see the amazing Guggenheim Museum designed by Frank Gehry; one of my followed architects.

Below is a picture of the amazing Guggenheim.


Sadly because of lock down I cannot give you an architectural tour of London or even Teddington. However, I play this game of …. if I had the money what house would I buy.

There is house in the middle of Bushy Park I am fascinated with, mainly how much would it cost and how long would it take to clean.


Whilst the house below was big! This is my favorite, its cute, adorable and I love the flowers outside!

IMG_5597Having done an epic walk yesterday, mainly because I was lost!  I also came across this house which looks like it might have been an old hall.

This building below is the old post office in Hampton Wick, and converted into apartments.   It is on a main road but I love the building and think they sympathetically converted the building.


On my walk I stopped to look at a Roman Catholic church and whilst not a building a such the poster below is a nice way to end the blog.  Have a good weekend folks!




One thought on “Amazing Architecture

  1. This is so great Tracy. You need to do this full time! I too, as you you know, share a love of architecture and we have shared so many stories which I will take off-line to not annoy the viewers. But what’s with your “sponsered ads”. First was for weight loss, next hearing aids, and today clompy (yet very comfortable looking) shoes.
    I await your response


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