Lock down Lunacy

There is only so many cupboards you can clear out, walks you can take, and defrosting your fridge with a hair dryer.   I have watched all the movies I wanted to and eaten the contents of my fridge.

I went for a walk today and it got me thinking of what project could I do that would be fun and also interesting.

My cousin mentioned when I send him a photo of my mother on her wedding day it would be interesting if I looked a little like my mother as I have now dyed my hair black.  This got me thinking what fun would it would be do a bit of a dress up and also have a bit of fun.

So I put the best of the eighties remix on and had a ball.

Then I thought what about trying to recreate looking like my mom.  Albeit a worst, older version! My neighbor lent me her veil and I got to making it happen. It was harder than I thought!

ttacy6bwThis is my first try.  Not sure it was a success and it did get me thinking this is the nearest I am ever going to get being married!  Going on the photo above probably for the best.  I look a little like Nana Mouskouri,

This is my mom.  She looks lovely.


My second try, I am not sure it is any better.  It is apparently the effort that counts.


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