Birds and the Diana Fountain

I was talking to a friend yesterday about trying to take a picture of my elusive fox and he suggested I use my real camera, I have several friends that are good at this sort of thing but I am not.  I like writing about my trials and adventures.  Joanna a friend of mine is excellent at taking photographs, below is one of hers.

JOANNA2There seemed to be plenty of parakeets on the roads and if I had my SLR camera I might have got a better shot than this.

Birds1The swan seemed to very content to be photographed.

swanHowever the photo below of the Diana Fountain was the reason I went for a walk today.  The Diana Fountain was designed in 1637, a bronze statue of goddess on a marble and stone fountain.  It is surrounded by bronzes of four boys, four water nymphs and four shells.


My project today is to find my SLR camera and lenses clean them up and take them for a walk tomorrow.  Have a good day!

One thought on “Birds and the Diana Fountain

  1. That was such a fluke Tracy! I have 100s of photos of that Ele. Remember, our safari truck stalked him for ages. If I was randy I would be cross too (hope you didn’t read this Mum 🙂

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