Parks and Palaces

Today as I left the house I remembered my friend Kate suggesting I walk to Hampton Court Palace through Bushy Park.

As I walked to the park a guy called ‘Smile’ from his white van as he zoomed by. I must have looked a little glum. The park this morning was enchanting, everyone smiled and a man said to me ‘It is so beautiful here today you would not know the state of the world’.  I laughed!

h0There are around 320 Red and Fallow deer in Bushy Park.  I was very surprised to find a a few white deer.

h2By now you could hear the shrieking of the ring-necked parakeets, originally native in southern Asia but now found in the south-west London having escaped aviaries (or, according to legend, from the Shepperton film set of The African Queen in 1951).


This view from the bridge, this is the Thames path going from Hampton Court Palace to Teddington.


Hampton Court Palace was originally built in 1515 and the inside is amazing sadly it was very locked down. Hampton Court Palace is one of only two of Henry VIII’s palaces that are intact today.  Of Henry’s six wives, only one of them actually survived the marriage without execution, divorce, or death from other causes. This wife was Catherine Parr, whom Henry married at Hampton Court Palace in 1543, maybe this is a lucky place for a wedding!

They also hold amazing outdoor concerts and I have been very lucky to go to a few.  I was however lucky to be able to get a few pictures around the palace.

Its been a long week but ended on a high note.  I hope you have a great weekend and I will blog again on Monday.

One thought on “Parks and Palaces

  1. Great Blog Tracy. Very informative and fantastic photos! And you saw white deer!! I had no idea about the parakeets. Fascinating. Mum will love that bit of trivia. Keep it up, Love you x


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