Home Park

I started the day well with a walk through Bushy Park and a few, nice looking men saying Good Morning. My destination was Home Park a park recommended by a friend and next to Hampton Court Palace.

I saw this amazing woodpecker however could not take a picture to justify him or her.

IMG_7888 (3)

The park is 750 acres and is known for its historic trees and The Long Water.

IMG_7893 (2)

Longwater Canal – known today as The Long Water – is a beautiful stretch of water completed in 1660 by King Charles II. In a spectacular show of affection – the king dedicated this water feature, complete with its double row of lime trees as a wedding present to his bride-to-be, Catherine of Braganza.

It is a bit of dark and gloomy day.  However I did spot a swan and also another one on a nest.  I got quite close and very nearly tipped myself into the pond, only falling backwards like a felled tree did I save myself!

I had now done over 10km and had enough.   I decided to head out to the Kingston gate and purposefully walked over the gate which had a cattle grid and I very elegantly got my foot stuck.   What was worst was that there were some people around who saw and, whilst keeping social distance, asked are you alright?  I giggled and got myself out of the jam.  I am home now for a quiet cup of tea.


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