Knock knocking on Heavens Door!

Knock knocking on heavens door!  Sorry I have been up from 1230am and could not come up with a better title for today’s blog!  I could have been woken by the four pickled onions I had for dessert.  Before then I had an excellent take away, road lamb with garlic and vegetables from my neigbour Kate’s Canteen!

It is raining today so my walk has not happened.

I have always been fascinated by the brightly coloured doors in London.  Growing up in Zimbabwe we had two very big dogs and if you got past them would be lucky.  I don’t even think you could see the door from the street.  In South Africa the door had an outer door which was a metal gate that locked, the theory I presume would be that you could open the front door and no one could get in and you could have a conversation through the gate. You also had to get through the gate and two equally big dogs!  This is before gun crime and a lock down of a different sort!  Which brings me to doors and wow they have some lovely ones in Teddington.

There are quite a few black doors which seems to be one of the colours that is popular.  I like the two below mainly because of the wisteria.  I must say I took these photos on my iPhone as was a little scared that all the jolly lock down people would think I was a stalker or paparazzi!

Having a front door in red is good luck.  In Chinese Fen Sui, a red door symbolizes the mouth of the home allowing chi to be drawn to the house.  In America a red door is  a sign of a home that was a safe stop for travelers, this must of been some time ago!

I am not sure why the door on the right has a Christmas wreath, maybe they like to be early!

This was my one of the photo’s I liked most.  Dual doors.


There is a road I venture on quite a bit as it has some really amazing super cars parked a Ferrari, Maserati and a converted mini van.  I know I am sad.  I did walk past this and had every intention of taking a picture of the door but got distracted by the dragon.


I am now off to do some constructive things, cook maybe!

One thought on “Knock knocking on Heavens Door!

  1. Great pics. Should be a quiz to work out where they are. Love your blog. Road lamb – what is that, like road-kill lamb? Was def from Ocado 😜. Please can we see the white Tesla with the white front door etc? “Matching cars and front doors” project. xxx

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