Eel Pie Island

I could not sleep last night I am not sure why, the story of my life, other than falling over a lot, and falling through the gap at a tube station!    I am grateful I live in a wonderful flat with amazing neighbours and friends in a brilliant area of London.

I have probably lived in about 19 places in my life and every one has had a connection to a friend who I am, mostly, in contact with.  Which made me start to think about those connections we have when things are not going well, death in the family, illness, civil war (Rhodesia), riots (South Africa) and events like the day of 9/11.  Who I was with and and who connected with me on those days.  The same with 7 July 2005 and the bombs that went off in London, this time will be the same.  We will remember and I have a couple of friends having really hard times. One friend has to deal with work hell and then also being stuck in doors.  Another has kids, pets and having to cook, the horror!

This blog is about one of my special places that I very sneakily went to it is Eel Pie Island.  You need to go over a very narrow bridge to get there and the paths are narrow so from a social distancing point of of view not great but from a artistic point of view – Pure Gold!

IMG_5933 (2)

Eel Pie Island is just over 3 hectares and got its name from eel pies served by an inn in the 19th century. I have tried eel and wont again!  There used to be a hotel on the island this was closed in 1967, how I would have loved to have been there, they played jazz and hosted bands like The Who and The Rolling Stones.  In 1971 the hotel burnt down and in 1996 the centre of the island was devastated by fire.  This would explain the many fire hydrants on the Island.

IMG_5934The island has 50 homes, a few boatyards and some artists studios.   Around June the island opens and you can visit the artists studios it is a good annual visit that I try and do most years.


Genesis played at Eel Pie hotel, they were one of my favorite bands!  Where was I, oh I know a twinkle in my mothers eye!

IMG_5941 (2)

I took these photos on my phone as I was a little worried I would be a little disrespectful using my camera taking pictures of peoples homes!  How funny is this.

IMG_5951I am hoping for more inspiration next week for blogs otherwise you may well get a blog on my toilet roll situation!   Have a fabulous weekend all my lovelies!

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