Sunday in Hampton

My friend Kate suggested I go and visit Hampton Common, so on a rather dull Sunday morning I set off to explore Hampton.  I considered buying a flat there years ago but decided not as there are only two trains an hour.  This is ironic because Fulwell only has two trains an hour!

The name Hampton may come from the Anglo-Saxon words hamm meaning an enclosure in the bend of a river and ton means farmstead or settlement.

On my walk hugged this tree. Apparently it is good for your well-being!

Hampton has some very pretty cottages and this very large grade II listed house.  I looked up the house it dates from the 17th century and in 1669 was called Brick house.

I then got to another Gothic church, there has been a church on this site for more than 650 years.  It looks like there are wonderful windows I will have to go when it is open.  I was observed by a security guard whilst walking around which I thought was very strange.


I found a small park which looked onto the river and was fascinated to find Garrick’s Temple to Shakespeare on the Riverside at Hampton.  This was built by the great 18th century actor-manager David Garrick in 1756 to celebrate the genius of William Shakespeare.

IMG_6032The views from the park down the Thames were equally special.  I love the river and the little houseboats on it.

I finally got to Hampton Common and was slightly distracted by a man wondering around in his pajamas!  I was tempted to try and take a photograph but didnt.

This is probably quite a boring blog today.  I shall have to ramp it up a bit during the week.  Suffice to say I did go to church on a Sunday, even if it was closed.

Stay safe and sane my lovelies!

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