Richmond and Blue Plaques

Yesterday I found two blue plaques on my way to Hampton.  London’s famous blue plaques link the people of the past to buildings of the present.  It is thought the scheme started 1866.

IMG_6020I will often walk past a building, stop and go back to see who lived there.  There is a house just up the road from me and it has a blue plaque for John Templeton that lived there in the 1800’s.  It is a very old building and the plaque has faded over time.

IMG_6050This got me thinking of Hogarth House in Richmond, the first building I looked after as an Office Manager.   I thought I would walk into Richmond and see what was going on.

IMG_8018cIt was quiet and relatively peaceful.

IMG_8026CI was temping in 1995 when I met two partners in a remuneration advisory team at a large consultancy.  There were destined to change my work life.  Both were really interesting characters and they left the consultancy to set up a company and asked me to come and help them set it up.  I did this on a set contract and then forgetting all about it went traveling to the USA, the only time I have lost my passport before travel!

When I returned I ended up temping for a rival team at another consultancy and they heard and asked me to come and work as an Office Manager at a small company in Richmond.  The building was Hogarth House a Grade II listed building where Virginia Woolf lived.  I worked there for three years and in that time met my ‘Sex in the City’ girls, three friends whom I am still friends with to this day!  We went through dating disasters, travels together and lovely dinners, all three are now married.  I guess that leaves me still stuck in the Bridget Jones/Sex in City/Golden Girls loop.  I also met a lawyer who when things did eventually fall apart offered me a job as he set up another consultancy firm!  One of my ‘Sex in the City’ friends came with me and I was at that firm for 6 years, making many new and good friends.  That company also gave me great bonuses which enabled me to buy my flat.


Ironically the company I was at for 6 years got sold to a big consulting firm and I was forced to make friends redundant one of them went on to another remuneration firm and a year later she got me a job at that firm.  Funnily enough I had to make her redundant again about five years later.


I love Richmond, some very good times there.

Have a great day.


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