Hatherop Park, Hampton

Today I ventured to Hatherop park to the sound track of Nice Time to Die by Billie Eilsh. The sun struggled to come out and the air is fresh.

My first view was a few teenagers training with boxing gloves. They seemed to be very committed!

boxingThe reason I went to the park is my friend Kate suggested it. Hatherop House and Farm were built by her Grandfather’s grandfather, William Lawrence.  The park is named after Kate’s Grandfather’s house.  How amazing is that, to be able to see and walk the land that your family owned.  Hatherop is a very old name, in old English heath and throp means high outlying farmstead.

Kate even has a document written for her family called ‘Notes on the Lawrence Family’, how cool is that!

parkBENCHI went beyond the bounds of the park to find an amazing conservation area full of trees.  I also found two of these tree trunks with discs on them, I was not able to find out what they were about.


TREE2Finally I leave you with two artistic impressions of the lovely trees around the park.


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