Weird Week

I have good. bad and ugly weeks.  This week should be called the weeping week.  I seem to burst into tears at the strangest things, it is probably because there is so much information and worry for friends and families.  After reading the news first thing, which was not a good idea, I thought I would go in search of ‘the house’ which I will talk about a bit later.

On the way I stopped by Park Lane Stables and said hello to this pony.

HORSE1This horse got very close and would accept a quick pat before showing his teeth.  It was fun!  I cant believe the stables are just down the road from me.

HORSE2After a long and meandering walk I found the road I was looking for. I spent hours yesterday trying to find it but if someone had mentioned it was next to one of my favourite pubs I would have known.  On one corner is this rather peculiar house.  In the window is a sign saying ‘Sorry I am too busy painting today’.


On the other corner is the pub, it is large inside and has these amazing little nooks that are perfect for reading a book with a glass of wine.

PUBIn my research on Teddington I came across the house pictured below.  It was for sale in 2014 for £650,000 and in need of renovations.  It is believed to date from 1875 and is of only three buildings of Townscape merit on Schoolhouse Lane due to its historical importance.

But it is the garden that makes it unique, there are two bodies buried in the garden!  I love it.  The estate agent at the time said “It is important to note that the previous owners’ last wishes were to be buried in this garden, which is where they both currently rest.”

housegarden2Not sure what I will write tomorrow but stay sane, safe and as happy as possible.


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