Victory in Europe Day

Today is VE day and the amazing people on my road are going to do a social distancing celebration.  I have no idea what that means but I am sure I will be there.  I am so blessed to have such great neighbours who have become friends!  I had a really good chat to one of my neighbours yesterday she is this gifted musician glamorous blonde who is always laughing it really cheered me up!

Our internet has been down, well the internet I use!  It has been interesting to note how much I really rely on the internet.  It is up now and I can now watch rubbish movies as my taste in movies is appalling!

IMG_7173One great thing that happened this week is I emailed a blogger called Heather Mason in Johannesburg, South Africa about being locked down in London.  She published it on her blog!

London is my home and where most of my friends and family are but Africa is where my heart and soul is!  I hope you will read my email in the link above.

Have a blessed weekend.


One thought on “Victory in Europe Day

  1. Thanks Tracy for naming your post ‘Victory in Europe Day’. I’ve been thinking about it (WWII) and where we are today a lot. My Dad is almost 95 and was part of all that; I was born in London post war.
    I’m in Johannesburg since 1992. Saw your post on 2Summers yesterday; very evocative. Enjoy the VE celebrations on your street.

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