Pubs I have Love’d and Lost

During these strange times it is inevitable we think about things that we love and miss.  Pubs is one of them, we will get back there.

Twenty years ago I arrived in London and met this crazy, intelligent, very tall Australian called Mandy who suggested I stay at The Leinster, a youth hostel in fashionable Bayswater.  She would be the catalyst for  having the best adventures of my life.  I am still friends with Mandy to this day although she lives in Australia now.  The youth hostel was not fashionable it was £65 for dinner, bed and breakfast and shared rooms.  Dinner was dubious, one of the meals was mystery meat surprise, the meat came from a cupboard!  Breakfast was a bread roll, blood clot jam and a cup of tea.

I shared a room with a Sicilian girl who slept all day and after three weeks her brothers came to get her as she was apparently possessed by the devil.  I was then moved into a room with moss on the wall.  I had enough. so packed up my meager possessions and move to the slightly better Porchester.   I was nervous and on getting to the shared dorm room told the girls ‘I am Tracy, don’t bother giving me your names will forget them’, I then left for, I thought, a very well deserved beer.

Moving to the Porchester was one of those things you do and realise in hindsight what a great chance of fate. I met two of my closest friends at the Porchester.  Joanna who now lives in Australia and who I have gone over to visit and I also dragged her around Namibia and South Africa and will no doubt talk more about in another post.

Julie is also Australian and so well traveled she lives in London and I have also dragged her to South Africa and we tend to spend every alternative Christmas together in places like Barcelona or Lisbon.  We have gone through so much together, death of parents, buying property, work drama and of course travelling!

Sundays are usually the day Julie and I meet at the pub.  Inevitably today I thought of us and the many pubs we have been to.  London has a plethora of pubs and Sunday is the day for a roast lunch.   Julie is unwavering in her decision to always have roast beef, yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy.  I never have the same thing!  One of the pubs that does a mean roast is around the corner from me, The Red Lion.

redlionPubs how I miss you as they say until we meet again!


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