Teddington Lock

There are mornings I wake up and realise there is no new normal.  One of my closest friends is in hospital and Boris has said we need stay alert.  I do not even know what that means and it appears most of the UK do not either.

I went to one of my special places today on the way I took a photo of this house and car. I love that they match.

houseTeddington Lock is a complex of three locks and a weir on the River Thames, it was first built in 1810. In 1940 Teddington Lock was the assembly point for an enormous flotilla of small ships from the length of the River Thames to be used in the evacuation of Dunkirk.

tlock2The footbridge consists of two separate bridges across the River Thames in England situated just upstream of Teddington Lock. There is a small island between the bridges.

tedriver2Have a great week lovelies!


One thought on “Teddington Lock

  1. Love the matching house and car. And yes life as we know it is not going to be the same. I think this is going to change things and we are going to find some permanent changes in place like we did with 911.
    Stay safe.


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