Ode To A Road

I have wanted a flat and a Porsche since I was 21. My dad thought it would be hilarious at my 21st to give me a small toy car with a flat tyre!  I love my flat and whilst being cooped in it for days is not the ideal scenario it has made me realise how lucky I am to be here.

I bought my flat in 2006, it was a first floor flat with a wood floor and had not been cleaned in years.  I spent about two weeks and about five bottles of bleach cleaning it.  At the time I had two friends that lived around the corner both came over to help me move in.

It was a few years later that I finally met my neighbour Kate as I was making Lasagna and the bechamel sauce went lumpy so I popped next door to borrow a sieve.   I then was invited to a girls night out and the interactions never stopped.  Kate does sometimes have to escort me to gatherings as I have this irrational view that everyone is successful and grown up and I am not! Kate and her husband Tim have also got me through many hard times.

This is an illustration of the outside of my flat, it was hand drawn by my neighbour Helen and given to me for my birthday.  I also gain solace at seeing their downstairs light on sometimes when I have insomnia, her husband is often awake when I am.   They have a cat called Ella who I look after when they are away.

birthdaycardI have another neighbour whose husband sadly passed, she is lovely and always inviting me over for wine and great food.  Marian, the neighbour is also a good sport for when I want to drag her off to try a pub.

As we were on lockdown for my birthday the neighbours came out of their houses and clapped and wished me happy birthday.

We have also street parties and have a whats app group.  This is just so special I am so lucky to live on the road. This photo which was taken by the amazing Tim it shows mainly their house but the top right window is my flat.

kateplusmyflatRecently we had a VE social distancing day celebration.  Everyone came out and joined in the fun, we even had a singer.

road1I should also add that I cat sit for some of the neigbours and payment is in wine.  Kate and Tim’s cat Jerry pops in from time to time for a little bit of affection, although he does not like to be picked up and he only wants to be stroked in the lounge!

road2One of my best decisions was to buy this flat on this road.  Until my next blog I hope you all stay safe and sane.

2 thoughts on “Ode To A Road

  1. So glad you have such amazing neighbors 🙂 I think they are very lucky to have you in their lives and to be honest their lives will never be the same with you there.

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