Cranky and Crane Park

Yesterday I felt cranky but luckily was able to, with social distancing, go and water some of my neighbours plants and also rake her grass.  The furious raking up of leaves was an opportunity to get over my annoyance at lockdown, my worry about friends and a bit of exercise too.

Today I went and found Crane Park.  I did not even know it existed!  My friend Tracey mentioned it and it is only thirty minutes from my flat.

lilliesI was very intrigued to find the The Hounslow Gunpowder Works opened in the late 1760s in what is now the western end of the park.  The shot tower which is now called the Brick Tower was fascinating.

tower2I was very lucky as it was quite peaceful and very pretty with flowers and lovely benches to sit on whilst contemplating life.

flowersI loved this bench, I drove 2 hours in Tasmania, Australia to look at handmade benches.  I will have to post about that adventure one day.

benchMy post would not be complete without me posting a picture of a tree.   I have no idea what to post for my next blog but hopefully inspiration will strike before boredom does!  Have a great Sunday.


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