Life and Journeys

Today I woke up and thought about how it is that I am in my 50’s and still single.  I fixed this by watching two very cheesy romantic films.  It is ironic that I also want to write a very bad romantic novel.   This made me think of what my cousin wrote for my 40th, he reminded me a few days ago about it, he wrote “for Tracy her friendships are EXTREMELY important – more so than anything else. that is why she has so many friends here today”.  What cousin Fred is yet to realise is that he is also one of my friends, this picture was taken when I went to visit him when he was in the USA.  The only thing he remembers about that trip was I was on the sofa when he left for work and was in the same position when he came home.  I had never seen a TV with 300 channels to choose from!

fred and i USEOne of the great things is having friends that you can travel with.  I have had some great travels to Europe, Ireland and around England with the Sex and the City Girls.


Tracey below has had the joy of travelling with me to Bilbao, completely hungover and nearly missing the flight.  We have also been to South Africa a few times and she takes me on short weekends walking around Skye and Devon to name a few.  Tracey always navigates which is probably best!

TRACEYM AND ME]Every time I travelled to South Africa I would see Caroline and drag her on some adventure, her family are my family and we have been friends for years. I am glad to say she is now in the UK.  I am also glad to say that we still have great fun and I do not feel like we have grown up at all!


The two people that check up on me the most during this lockdown are Lisa and Joanna.  Cousin Fred too but he has to – just to check whether he has to call the fireman to come and take the roof off my flat to winch me out.

I have known Lisa for years she has seen me embarrass myself in front of good looking men, she has been there for the death of my dad and we have lived in Ealing down the road from each other.  We would meet at the pub every week.  Lisa and I love our red wine and in-spite of being very different get on and speak pretty much each day.

lisauseJoanna and I are different she lives in Australia and in my opinion is far more refined than me.  Joanna has a love for art and music she has travelled pretty much the whole world.  Our recent trip to Namibia was one of the best holidays I have hadin a lifetime.  Joanna also persuaded me to drive one of the most dangerous roads in Namibia, I swore the whole way.  I love our daily chats about how to work I.T and me complaining about lockdown.

joannaJOANNAANDI]I could not finish a blog without addressing the one thing I do love!  Sheep.  Please enjoy the photo below and have a fabulous day.


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