In 2007 I was in Australia and decided to go to Tasmania.   I love it but one of the trips was to this place called Windgrove at Roaring Beach it was a long drive and totally isolated but I went to see an artist who made the most amazing benches.   I was by myself with no mobile phone and wondering if I would bump into another Ivan Milat, the famous Australian serial killer.  I arrive and it was magical, completely quiet with these long paths with fascinating views.  I am glad I went.



Today I went for a walk down the Crane River a 8.5 mile river that runs West through London.   I was fascinated to find these benches.

benchfishThis bench I thought was quite pretty.


I walked 4.5 miles today wondering when I am going to go back to work.  There is still no news which is very frustrating.  This bench I saw as I hobbled home.

bench3Happy Wednesday my lovelies!


One thought on “Benches

  1. Really beautiful Tracy. It makes me so happy you are exploring these lesser known places in your own backyard! I would’ve loved to have gone with you to Tassie back then. Another time perhaps x

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