Crazy Cooking

Before lock down I would fast until 1200 and then have a salad or something like chicken and vegetables, dinner would be peanuts and some wine. Things have drastically changed since then.  I am ending the second month of being stuck at home and I can quite literally say I am going a little cabin crazy.  The highlight of the week is being invited by a neighbour for a cup of tea in her garden, a new garden, sunlight and talking to someone other than myself, bliss!

The one thing I have been doing is cooking more inventive meals.   My cousin who I shared a house with for a few years loves sausages and we had them regularly when we lived together.  So regularly I really went off them.  However this week I bought some apple and pork sausages and  cooked them with mash and the most amazing onion gravy.  The photo does not do justice to the food.

BANGERSI used the leftover sausages to make a spicy pasta sauce and added some broccoli for this meal.  It was not as successful as I would have liked and I have to eat it for the next three to six meals. I really need to learn to cut an onion finely.  I blame my knife as I have two of the most useless knives from the dark days.

SPAGI have realised that I actually like  cooking and in another life would have loved to have cooked for family and friends allot more.  I have also been trying to eat a little more healthily with salad.  I have been watching cooking shows and found a great recipe for peri peri chicken.  I had this with salad, coleslaw and beetroot salad.

cHICKENBREASTSALADLife is a little like my cooking at the moment small moments of excitement and happiness and then moments of complete disaster.  As much as everyone says salmon is good for you I really cannot stand the smell and actually even the taste unless drowned in soy sauce or butter.


I have a friend who has salad with her meals and she would be amazed that I am doing this now.

I am listening to Joni Mitchell at the moment and hope that in years to come I will listen again to her and smile thinking of a different time.   Have a great weekend my amazing people.

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