Strange Days – personal account

I often blog about places I visit or things I have seen but seldom on personal journey through lockdown.  The last four days just seem to have been a hard slog.  “My dark days made me strong, or maybe I was strong and they made me prove it” Emery Lord.

I am writing this post whilst listening to Tchaikovsky’s Symphony no 5 – very melodramatic!

I have been totally sad by texts from a family member who is having a hard time and I cannot help him  My family are in South Africa and whilst the heart is willing it is just too hard sometimes to help when the country itself is starving.   I have friends in this country who are on hard journeys too.

I have also had fun times I spent a wonderful evening on Friday with my neighbour and friends drinking wine and eating the best tomato and cheese on toast I have had in awhile.  Which brings me to the wall, since lockdown my neigbhours wall has been the conduit of birthday presents, deliveries, wine and cooked meals.   Today made me smile.  Kate, the neighbour, texted saying she had ordered 20 burgers. Would I like a couple!


Kate’s son loved them and I mentioned last week you could order online delivery again.  So a text to say would I like a couple and they could be left on the proverbial wall.


So I crawled out of my cave and went to have a look.  There is nothing like a little junk food to cheer a girl up!


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