Feel Good Friday

It has been 11 weeks since I was furloughed.  Eleven weeks of uncertainty and watching the news to see when things will improve.  Even weeks of wondering around my flat looking out of window like a trapped animal.

This week has been an improvement, on Monday I spent some time with my neighbour Kate, socially distancing of course.  It was lovely to sit in her garden gazebo drinking wine as the rain poured around us.  I also got a great dinner which was lovely as I did not have to cook it.

Today I met my ex housemate and friend Jane in London.  We have not seen each other for months and were curious to see what London was like.  Jane is always so bubbly and fun so I knew it would be a good day.  I did think we would have a coffee, a walk and then go home.  Instead we got a coffee and explored a little of the south bank.

IMG_6530There was very little traffic on the roads and it was very quiet.  We decided to walk down the south bank toward the City of London.  There were more people than my last trip to London but then it was also later in the day.

IMG_6531There were allot of runners and people wearing exercise outfits.  There were also quite a few very good looking men.   I had to come up with a code word to point them out to Jane.  Mid-way though a sentence I would shout ‘pluto’ and Jane would look around to see who I was talking about.  It was hilarious.

We came across this mural by the Shakespeare globe theatre which I thought was lovely.

IMG_6540We continued to update each other on the last few months and walked down to the Southwark Cathedral.  We were astounded to find Borough Market open.  The market is one of the oldest and biggest markets in London and dates back to at the least 12th century.  Not all stalls were open and there were not too many people. There were quite a few fruit and vegetable stalls open.

FRUIT2FRUITThey also had a few bread stalls open. Along with takeaway food counters.  We were spoilt for choice.

BREADOILJane and I explored both sides of the market twice trying to decide what to get for lunch.  There was everything from tapas, toasted cheese sandwiches, burgers, salads and chicken.  The choice was made when we discovered we could get a glass of Prosecco and that would go nicely with some cod and chips!

We sat by the river and had a sumptuous lunch.  The weather behaved rather well too.

On the way back to the station we found the Gabriel’s wharf was open and you could sit outside with a beer or wine in my case.

GABRIELSWhat an amazing day, I am so happy I got out!  Have a wonderful weekend my lovelies!


3 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

  1. I am sure it was Wednesday under the gazebo not Monday but it was a lovely afternoon and thanks to you that the gazebo was up at all!
    What a fabulous day you had – it sounds perfect and I am SO happy for you that you have a return to work date!x

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