Mundane Musings

Since I have nine followers I feel like I can be honest and a bit carefree with my craft i.e. writing!  I loved Bridget Jones, the movie, when it came out,  I was a little like the fictional character. I always fell over, have stuck my foot in my mouth countless times and have accepted this is me.   I have been in a few scrapes, including evacuating Vauxhall station as I left a bag on the tube.  I also fell in the gap, not by much, at Bank station.

The older I get the more I appreciated Sex n the City. I just watched the movie!  I loved it.  This was my life!  Well not totally!  Today I made guacamole with too much chili, I never learn.  One of the things I love is catching a black cab in London; it is one of the feel good things that makes me love London.  I have also had some amazing meals and experiences with my cousin who treats me to restaurant meals far beyond my reach.  I dated a bit, not as much as I should have but I traveled. I do not regret any of the adventures I have been on.   I love the places I have visited and the people I have met!  My adventure in Tunisia beats the Sex in the City movie trip to Morocco hands down!

skyeHowever during the lockdown I have to question what I want my new chapter to be.  I am a little old for the movie Golden Girls, too old for Sex in the City and to be honest maybe it needs to be Tracy’s Travels not anywhere but exploring life!

A great friend said on Friday I will look back at these blogs and they will be a snapshot of time. I hope so! “Non, je ne regrette rien”

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