I have groups of friends that have tags to them, this works especially for whatsapp group chats.  Last night I had a zoom call with ‘Acton’s Angels’.  Cath, Jane and I shared a flat together in Acton and have been fast friends since.

Today I was on a trip to meet up with the ‘Explorers’.  One of the best things that came out of temping at the London Zoo was meeting Alison and Nikki. They are up for trying every new restaurant, gallery and venue.  Alison is an introvert and does everything from acting, singing and playing a variety of instruments.  Nikki is extrovert with two kids and loves her wine, so we get on well!

The day did not start well with me waking up very tired and then getting to the station to find the only train on the hour was cancelled.  It all worked out and I walked to Baker Street from Waterloo.  I was able to see how quiet the Embankment and Leicester Square were.   It does feel surreal to see the shops open and no tourists. Oxford Street was busy but Baker Street a bit quieter.

We met up and went to Regents Park. It was busier than I would have thought.  Everyone enjoying the lovely weather.  We have all been cooped up for long it is really good to have a good chat with some prosecco and snack food.   The gardens were very pretty too.

IMG_6634We had a lovely time although the lack of toilets was an issue.  Only when you have walked around the park looking for a suitable tree or bush do you realise that public toilets do need to open.

IMG_6632I think I look like an overweight rabid chipmunk in this photo.  Nikki is in the middle and Alison on the right.

My day ended with a surprise burger delivery from my friends next door Kate and Tim.  All in all a very good day.


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