Back to work

Monday did not start well!  I realised at the station that the face mask which I washed in the pocket of my jeans also had a tissue with it and my black mask had tiny bits of tissue all over it!   The train was relatively quiet which made me happy.

The first days walk to my office and back felt long and hard.  There were not too many people around.  This is a large junction called Bank in London., it is usually heaving with people, bikes and buses.

Building and bus

Tuesday was stressful as there were quite a few people without face masks on the train.  I was a little annoyed by this and took the decision to catch the 545am train into London as it was quieter and I thought better be safe than sorry.ankThe week was a little bit of a roller coaster of happiness to be working and seeing people and sadness when seeing so many friends and colleagues who have left the company.  My tube is not running and the buses are full so I have been walking an hour or so to work and an hour back.  It has made for long days but the weather has been pretty good.

CitydarkFriday came with news of more redundancies and I was physically and mentally exhausted.  A lovely drink with my neighbours capped my week off.

cITY LIGHTHave a lovely weekend.

big buillding

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