Strange Times

We are living in strange times and this week I feel like I am Bridget Jones!  Today I woke up to the writer of the Bridget Jones books apologizing for the sexism in her books.

This week with me destroying a cheese counter, washing my face mask with a tissue and texting some inappropriate words has been a interesting week, very Bridget Jones.  The culmination of this is changing some settings on my phone and now it has the hump and is not working.  A call with my friend Joanna in Australia meant being cut off every fifteen seconds by music.  I need to sort this out!

The week-end was a chance to charge my batteries.  If you had told me six months ago I would be avoiding people, wearing a face mask and buying a take away roast I would have laughed.  Sunday at 1200 I went to my local pub to pick up my Roast Beef lunch.

IMG_6826I was early and I was the only one in.  I have been trying to buy from local places and not from Deliveroo.  This is the second meal I have bought from this pub.  There is a huge table between the bar counter and the bar area so you cannot get close to the staff.  Hand sanitizer stations are everywhere.  I was lucky I did not wait long for my Roast Beef.

IMG_6832Would I do it again, get a takeaway roast lunch, no!  It was not the same as sitting in a restaurant and having a piping hot roast lunch.  I missed the buzz of people, the choice of starter and dessert on a menu.  In a way it was a little sad, like you are trying to re-create an event or feeling of the past.

I have to remind myself we are in a different world.  The thing is at least I try new things. It does not always work but as long as I retain my curiosity I am happy!  Here is to a brand new week.  Keep happy and well my lovelies!

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