Strange Days

Walking to the office I reflected on my dystopian view of the world.  Who would have believed what has happened in the last four months!   Its been a strange week my second week back at work.  I have had staff calling me and coming to talk to me about their redundancy and their worries about the location of their desk, and the lack of kitchen facilities.  I have had staff asking me if it is safe to come into the office.  I have also had engineers installing equipment incorrectly, a person asleep in our reception and a massive flooding at our Bond street office.

I was on my way to the Bond street office to change over the buckets that are still collecting water from the ceiling.  As I walked through Trafalgar Square I saw this very cute statue.

WinniepooPiccadilly circus was very quiet.

IMG_6956Walking on Regent street I reflected how lucky I am that the weather is good today, I am safe and still have a job.  It was sad to see how many shops have closed.  Around Oxford Street there are all these sanitiser stations, the new world we live in.

IMG_6957IMG_6964I am very glad for the weekend, where I shall not worry about the world but drink wine and contemplate my sheep collection.  On that note, look at what I spotted!


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