Finally Friday

I have been at work for four weeks now.  It has been great to get into a routine however the colleagues I get on with are still working from home so no one to really talk to.  The CEO asked me to arrange socially distancing drinks which was a challenge as you cant really hand around a bottle of wine and some glasses.  The solution- – wine in a can!  Yup, it was different.

This week has had its challenges with people not wearing masks on the train and colleagues coming in to drop off their work items as they have been made redundant.  One colleague who I get on really well with was in tears and will probably lose her house.  It has been hard and a little lonely to be honest.  So…I took myself off to Kew Gardens today for some joy!

I love Kew, it has a tube station with its own pub.

IMG_7052I loved this statue, there were two others that were good too.  I walked from Richmond and it was a lovely day.  Even though I had the day off it felt good to not be at work.


IMG_7050Kew was relatively empty and lots of hand sanitiser stations, some that you can use with your foot to disperse the stuff onto your hands.  You need to remember to put your hand under the nozzle which I forgot and my feet were duly sanitised.

I love this picture it is if he is posing for me.

IMG_7064This week has been pretty quiet and I have had quite a bit of time to think.  There is a lot of talk about a second wave and then colleagues saying they are travelling.  Whilst I have itchy feet, the desire of getting on a plane is just not there yet.

As life is less frenetic I really have time to think.  In a way it is good to really face up the reality of your life and have those hard talks with yourself.  Why do I have all these rules, not wearing black with brown, not mixing gold and silver jewelry, not opening up about family issues, frankly its all garbage.  I am throwing the rules out the window!  In that frame of mind I went into the glass waterlily house which was very pretty but a little crowded.

IMG_7059This is me trying to take a selfie picture.

IMG_7054Do you know why Kew Gardens is plural, well it is the joining of two gardens, the Kew Estate and the royal estate in Richmond in 1772.

I also spent some time in the Rose garden. My mother was a lover of roses and my dad planted a whole garden of them at our house in Johannesburg.

IMG_7082Finally I walked to the great Pagoda, which was finished in 1762. It was one of several Chinese buildings designed for Kew by Sir William Chambers, who had spent time travelling and studying the architecture of East Asia. I think it looks much better from afar.

IMG_7106As I walked around I wondered how I will look back at this moment of time.  It is ironic that I am not that enthusiastic to catch a plane but there were a number of planes flying over my head!

IMG_7081I do think we will survive.  This is a flower that blooms in Western Australia which is not an easy environment to grow in.

ozflowerStay safe and sane until my new post my lovelies.

3 thoughts on “Finally Friday

  1. Great photos, especially the Kangaroo Paw. When we were living in Bayswater I found a florist that had them! I took a bunch to Grace one Sunday. Not the prettiest flowers but they are bloody resilient. Just like us x


  2. Loved the photos and especially the selfie 🙂 It is hard making adjustments and having such big changes. But think of all you have been trough and all you have done….you got this girl 🙂


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