Walking through Waterloo early this morning I reflected on the last two years and a bit of my life.  As I crossed the bridge on the South Bank I thought back to all those decisions I made.


In January 2018 I resigned from my very safe and quite boring job to start at a small start up construction company.  I was so excited.  Within weeks I realised the job and the people were not what was sold to me.  Within a month I was stressed out, anxious and on top of that my boss was emailing me endless demands even though he was sitting next to me!  I was working 12 hour days and still not coping.  Suffice to say after three months we parted company.

I was turning 50 in a few weeks, had parties planned, a long paid trip to Africa booked in a month and no job! It was pretty bleak. My anxiety level was high and I had lost confidence.  When things get hard you really do know who your friends are.  I received a lot of love and kindness from friends and family during those months.

June 2018 arrived and I was off to meet my friend Joanna in Namibia.  I was not sure my driving skills were up to the tricky Namibian roads and on top of that I had not really done much research on our trip.  I need not have worried as Joanna had it all under control!

IMG_0517 The Namibian trip was balm for my soul.  I tried blogging for the first time, laughed so hard, saw some amazing sights and had a truly amazing time.

Coming back to London I was blessed to pick up a temp assignment at London Zoo.  It was a good job although not paid very well and gave me confidence. I also made some good friends. Not the otters below but real human friends.


I left the Zoo in November 2018 after six months and started temping in the City at a Bank.  It was good to be back in the City but my search for a permanent better paid job was elusive.  My confidence has returned and I was feeling a bit better about things.  February 2019 things changed; the recruitment company I had registered with wanted to know if I wanted to work for them as Office Manager.

I have now been in the job for a year and six months and as I walked through the streets of London today I reflected that even in this troubling times the journey is sometimes worth it.

Stay safe and sane my lovelies!


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