Moving On

I have not blogged for sometime as have been grappling with family problems.  The sheer desperation and frequency of text messages from my brother and his son has been exhausting.  There is no solution!  I can go months without hearing from family in South Africa and then like a tsunami it all comes at once.

I have good conversations mainly with my Aunty June who is in South Africa but she is bowed under the pressure of my brother and her grandson only texting her when there are problems. This is my Aunty June, always laughing and talking about good old days in the British Empire.

aUNTY jUNEI have family here who are very supportive but also quite exhausted of this drama that has been going on for years.

This is my brother and I.

Tracy and THomasHis son is 17 and I really do not know him very well although this does not stop him texting me all the time for money.

1 Thomas

I was listening to a podcast this morning and I gained clarity and direction for this situation.

Essentially there is a philosophy which is very simple – not unlike whatever happens to us, we always have a choice.  We have a choice how to see ourselves in relation to what is happening to us.  I have the right to close down any unhelpful relationships even with family.

The best quote was “Win the respect of those you respect”  I have and those whom I respect have not said once that I have not done enough for my family.  I also realise friends like Aunty Jo, my neighbours, my friends in Australia and here are my family.

So onwards and upwards!

Take care my lovelies!





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