A week of joy

The title of this blog is slightly ironic especially in these strange times. For months I have not had a oven. I embraced the joys of ready meals and microwave popcorn initially. However, I missed my roasts and tray bakes not to mention baked Camembert.

One of the things about being single is that it can be difficult to make a decision on something that could go wrong, what happens if the oven does not fit, or worst it does not even work! The horror. I bought a washing machine a few years ago and was so upset because I thought I had bought a washing machine dryer but it did not have a dryer. My friend Kate stepped in to help and we had a hilarious moment when we pulled the oven out and both of us got our fingers trapped in the oven door. Suffice to say I ordered my oven and it came last week, I took a ironic picture of it with wine in.

I also got a new fridge as my old one iced up so much it may as well as been in Siberia. This is the lovely fridge.

Another thing I decided to do this week was change my hair. One of the things woman tend to do when they are stressed or upset is change their hair colour or change their hair cut. So I went from this …

Apologies for the poor quality of selfies. To this…

I wonder what the next week will be like. There are more people on trains and more anxiety I think. I am travelling next week so that should make a change.

Have a wonderful week my lovelies!

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