Panic buying during a Pandemic

I do not know what week we are in with the pandemic but I can see everyone is getting tired. Tempers and emotions are frayed at work, people stare suspiciously around on the tube and everyone looks miserable on the trains.

My week was stressful at work and anxiety driven by my own paranoia that I am going to get sick. I miss arguing in wonderful restaurants with my cousin, seeing my aunt in Isleworth and just socialising with friends.

My friend Kate’s friend Lucy send me a text about a discounted Gin box. What fun I thought! So off I went and ordered it.

The box arrived on Friday and I have opened it to find Gin, mixers and even snacks! It was so much fun. I am holding out trying it until I can get Kate and Lucy over to try it with me.

I then had an offer from the Sunday Times Wine club, less than £5.00 for a bottle of wine and two stemless wine glasses. So I signed up! You can see an ongoing trend here!

The thing I had not considered was the size and heft of the box. Suffice to say I ended up dragging it to my stairs, stabilizing myself with my big butt again the wall and rolling the box up the stairs one stair at a time.

By the time I had got it up the stairs I deserved a glass of wine in a stemless wine glass. Very fancy!

I also managed to get a grocery delivery where contrary to my normal nature I bulk bought toilet roll, kitchen roll and for some reason I have six bottles of bathroom cleaners. Ooops.

So it has been a week of spending debauchery. Has it made me feel a bit better? Not really but it has kept me occupied and out of trouble. At least I have a great new fridge to store all of this in. Today I shall use my bulk buying to good use and shall be making a lovely roast in my new oven.

Have a good week lovelies!

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