Lockdown 2.0

Another lockdown, our offices are closed. I have not been furloughed, yet! I guess it is what it is! This week was the scheduled closure of our Brook Street office. It was great to hang out with the guys helping me clear down the office. To be honest my only meaningful contribution was making tea!

This is where I am writing my blog. The office is nearly empty.

It has been a long week of moving desks, cupboards and making sure all the plans come together. Today the sun shone and I decided to do something totally unusual for me I went to Selfridges. Anyone who knows me knows I do not like shopping! However the thought of seeing to see their Christmas display edged me out the door, it did not disappoint.

Every window had a different display, some with kitchen utensils or wine glasses, some with just packages and string.

Selfridges food hall was open and I indulged in walking around, it was quiet and what lovely food they had!

I loved this gingerbread house but did not buy it!

Have a great weekend, my lovelies!

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