According to the BBC, Lockdown may have lasting effects on friendships. This got me thinking about my friendships and how they have changed during the pandemic. Some of them I spend more time with on the phone, I speak to my cousin and Joanna more than I ever have. They may argue this is not a good thing! I also have zoom calls with my ex housemates and welfare checks with the lovely Julie.

The one friendship that has evolved has been with Kate and Tim next door. I am in their bubble or maybe they are in my ‘I wont go insane’ bubble!

Weekly drinks on a Friday are something I look forward to. This was first conducted in the garden under what I thought was a very frail gazebo. However that gazebo was put to rest and the new improved one appeared, with a zip up door, fairy lights and a heater for cold days, it is starting to look like a living room.

Last night I had the pleasure of going to Kate and Tim’s for a food rehearsal for Christmas day with a turkey, gammon, vegetables and potatoes! We also had bucks fizz, wine, mince pies and a black russian cocktail! It was better than going out to a restaurant for dinner! The turkey was particularly good having been brined which I think means sitting in a bucket of water with aromatics in it! The gazebo looked particularly fetching with a Christmas tree, sparkling lights, a standing lamp and some candles!

The turkey and trimmings were actually amazing, much better than my photo! Thank you Kate for the amazing cooking.

All in all I would say my friendships have got better during lockdown.

Have a great lockdown week my lovelies!

One thought on “Friendships

  1. It was a pleasure Tracy and really fun. We should have Christmas every week. 🎄Thank you for the gorgeous Konditor mince pies – yum. 😋
    I love seeing you on our Fridays too – def for my sanity as much as yours! xxx

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