A spark of joy

This week I am determined to find joy or a spark of joy in the every day.

Yesterday did not go well with me missing my train and then getting into the office that was so cold I was tempted to put my head in the fridge to warm up.  Staff were unhappy and so was I.  I also spent an inordinate amount of time in the men’s toilets talking about water heaters with men that looked like little hobbits. Suffice to say this did not add too any of my excitement or joy.  Part of the city around my office was also cordoned off as there was a suspect package in the Heron tower. Luckily it was found to probably be someone’s lunch. The highlight of my day was a plate of mini mince pies for dinner.

Today I did something different, I went to our Brook Street office and then went for a walk around New Bond Street and Piccadilly. The commute and the need to be in the office every day is starting to take its toll especially as there are only 7 people in the office and at the moment it is cold and very quiet.

I mistimed my walk slightly as Bond Street was only starting to get its festive cheer. I shall have to go again. It was quiet which I liked as I am not a great fan of shops or shopping. I had a destination in mind. I wanted to go to Fortum and Mason when no one was around!

The store was established in 1707 and is privately owned. The windows outside were lovely. The food hall was open with a spectacular variety of goods.

I had a lovely time inside looking at the amazing selection of tea’s, chocolates and confectionery on sale. I did dither on whether to get some foie grass which the store has got into trouble for. I did buy the tiniest piece of stilton which I shall keep for xmas. I could have really spent some money it is a wonderful shop. It was fascinating being the only one in the shop but for the sales assistants.

I left feeling a little happier about life. Hopefully this continues the rest of the week. Feel the spark of joy my lovelies.

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