Ode to the Office

I had to go to our office at Fetter Lane let someone one in!

I was excited this morning to go to one of our other offices. I got there at 7am to realise that no one goes into the office and even if they do they don’t go in early!

Finally I gained access and had a little nosy around. It was obvious that there had been no cleaning and the milk in the bin was a strange colour. I bagged it all up and made friends with the receptionist who showed me where to throw it all out. I then had a lie on the sofa .

The seating area is lovely. The kitchen had a strange sofa and silver deer decorations on the walls

I guess all of this distracted me from having to wait for someone to come and collect a shredding bin!

I initially sat at the breakfast bar type seating until I realised I could barely see the computer screen and I am so short I literally fell off the chair when attempting to dismount. Another day in the office.

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