A few days to Christmas

This is a long blog, so if you do not have a drink, I recommend you pause and go and get one!

As we go are in Tier 4 during this pandemic nightmare my thoughts turn to Christmas. The joy of mince pies, turkey and smoked salmon! I found a new Christmas thing this year, a ham or gammon I cannot remember! Thoughtful gifts from friends and sparkly lights! I once went to the Royal Albert Hall to listen to Handel’s Messiah, not realising I had been listening to the abridged version, it took two and half hours! What is there not to love!

This year people will not be able to spend time with those they love, travel is not an option and texts telling me to be safe are standard. As I walked through London today it gave me some time to reflect on Christmases past and hopefully future. I walked past Leadenhall market and it was deserted, so sad!

Christmas is definitely the time for family, and I find that hard! After my mom passed away I tried to recreate the Christmas spirit with my dad, brother, Aunty June and Uncle Bill, to disastrous results! It turns out a silver and white decorated Christmas tree is a little too modern! My menu of Salmon roulade, turkey with a trio of new vegetables and onion gravy did not go down well. They wanted smoked salmon with a wedge of lemon, turkey and vegetables that were boiled to oblivion.

I thought of this years later when my friend Julie, her mom and friend from Australia spent Christmas in Cornwall with me. We had hired this amazing cute cottage in Cornwall. It snowed so hard I nearly wrapped my hire car around a tree. The local priest visited our cottage and to my horror everyone hid in the kitchen and I had to entertain the priest who insisted I come to church! Julie argued that I spent most of my time in Grimsby in the company of priests so I was the best to go! I did go to church and came back to discover that the only person that knew how to cook the turkey we had bought was the vegetarian! Good memories of Christmases with Julie but also time with her mom.

The one thing I love about England is the door decorations!

I have had good Christmases and bad, my friend Sherry always invites me to hers for boxing day and cooks up a storm, with Irish humor, wine and I feel like her kids are part of my life! I have not seen her or the kids, well they are not kids now, for this year! She is the only person that can make me so mad and make me laugh in the space of 60 seconds!

I have had a Christmas in Melbourne with my friend Joanna in the worst heat I have ever experienced and will not do that again! I have been to Barcelona, Lisbon and a few other places with Julie for Christmases past. Last Christmas I went to Wales to Aunty Jo! It was fun, Lisa and Willem came to rescue me with Chocolate Block wine on Boxing day!

Of course there is always Cousin Fred in the background, sometimes egging me on and sometimes pulling me back from the cliff edge!

This year I spend it with my friends Kate and Tim. Having had a rehearsal dinner I know it will be good. This year I have not sent out Christmas cards, there is nothing good to say. I have done a few presents, I hope, good little presents! I sent my cousin Fred something I hope he will like, got some good mince pies for Kate and Tim. Julie has had a pretty rubbish year so I did a food parcel.

The food parcel was fun to do. It is 320am and I have insomnia, over course. I guess what Christmas is to me is patience, kindness and love. That is what we all need for this year.

Merry Christmas my lovelies!

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