Shit shit and shit!

My week started well with a long walk, a healthy juice and going into the office. I joined a meditation challenge with my neighbour. My work colleague suggested we do a vision board of great intentions and hopefully better outcomes this year! It was a little like arts and crafts but looked good.

Then it went all wrong. We had a fire evacuation in the office in the freezing cold, there were not many staff around but it was like herding cats. Leaving for the day I found out all the bus stops had closed along with the travel hassle of one train an hour. Oh well I thought things cant get any worst, I got to Waterloo and was evacuated out of the station. I texted my cousin in tears. Good thing as that text seemed to sort everything out and I could get back into the station and get home, eventually. Good outcome!

Bring on Tuesday which started with more uncertainty following another national lockdown. I said to a work colleague that it was bad and maybe I should go on antidepressants, no he said just drink wine! Except this week I was not going to drink wine and I was going to cook healthy salmon and eat a bowl of spinach, which I did. I.T wanted me to do work on the servers but they were too high up so I had to climb on a ladder. I then switched off the wrong server and had tedious conversations with I.T about which server was the right one, turns out the one with purple cables! Good to know!

I ended up working late caught a cab to Waterloo a rare treat and then treated myself to a Deliveroo dinner instead of peanuts and wine. Well, what can I say the Deliveroo driver gave me my dinner and then promptly crashed into my neighbours car! I went out and had to sort it out! My dinner got cold and that has been my week so far!

Watch this space….

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