Bridget Jones does a Covid test

This week one of my colleagues went to get his Covid test. As Nigel and I are the only ones in the office I thought I better get tested. I jokingly told Nigel it was like we were dating and getting STD tested!

Booking the test and finding the location, the lovely Guildhall, was easy. I thought the test would be in the hall but it was in a tent outside. It was very surgical, white and utterly empty of people being tested, other than me!

I was extremely nervous and when the guard said to rub the sanitiser into my hands like I rub my husband, I asked him if he was offering as I was not married! Ooops

Opening the packet with the all the testing paraphernalia was not as smooth as I could have made it. I stuck the stick as far back to my tonsils as it would go along with the nose swab. Getting the stick into the test tube I could not understand how the stick was longer than the tube! The patient guard had to tell me to snap it in two. All good so far.

I then had to put the test tube in a bag and seal it. You have to rip off a sticky tab. I could not get my nail under the tab to pull it off. I ended up turning it around and then upside down and the guard kept on trying to tell me how to open it! I ended up in a fit of giggles. The guard thought this was quite funny too, eventually I got it sorted although the sealing of the bag will not be winning any awards for tidiness.

The conclusion to this story is that on this occasion I was told I was negative from the virus! I think my consumption of red wine has scared it away, for the time being.

Have a great week my lovelies!

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