Work Life

A funny thing happened to me today and I had to write about it.

I had a meeting with the landlord of one of the offices I manage, to surrender the keys as our lease has expired. I found my buried smart suit, blow dried my hair and caught the train to London. I then walked through the empty street to my office which is on South Audley Street.

I got there a bit early and saw a few things the contractors had not done. I phone my boss who said I am sure it will be fine. The landlord arrived with two other colleagues, big strapping men. He started looking around and announced he would not take the keys. I was mortified so called my property Director who said he has to take the keys, make him take the keys. I went back to the guys and said sorry but you need to take the keys, they started pointing out everything wrong with the floor, they would not take the keys.

I was mortified to be in this position so quietly went out of the office and called the property Director who said you must say nothing but they must take the keys. What must I do I asked, rugby tackle them to the ground and shove the keys in their mouths. I went back to the landlord who said I am sorry I am not having the keys. I then suggested he call my property Director, whilst he was on the phone my boss phoned to ask what was going on. Well, I said I am between two arguing parents fighting over keys! Then the contractors phoned to say they were getting in a van driving from Nottingham to London and I should wait for them. Don’t I cried I don’t know if we are giving back the keys. The property Director phoned and said I must not leave and he was waiting for an email from Landlord. The contractor phoned again must he start driving or not. I don’t know I had to say! All of this going on whilst the Landlord is tapping on his phone and the two other guys are patiently looking at me!

Suffice to say the Landlord said he was not happy and would not take the keys. I suggested he call the property Director again. I was yearning for a glass of wine by now. The two guys bored now were snagging every little thing in the office right down to a nail on the floor, a small mark on the ceiling and a dirty toilet. The property Director phoned and yelled at me at which point I stated that I am only trying to help as no one else is coming to London.

Eventually I kept the keys so the contractors can do the job they should have done in the first place. The Landlord left saying he was felt very sorry for me! Me too!

Where is the wine! Have a good evening lovelies!

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