I love to travel but hate to arrive

This week I have been thinking about travel, possibly because this is Lockdown 3.0 and harder than the previous ones. It occurred to me some of the best times I have had have been in a foreign country with friends or family. I cannot remember the amount of times I arrived at Cousin Fred’s door step in Florida, USA to settle firmly on his sofa. He would find me at the end of the day still there fascinated by the 102 USA channels on the TV. However, we would also go out and I would drink fish bowl sized margarita’s eating shrimp and planning my next trip. We also had an amazing weekend in Paris for my birthday, he flew in from USA and I flew in from the UK. It was epic. I will not go into details about himtrying to hoist me onto the top of a bunk bed after a few too many wines!

My travel adventures started with my parents shipping me off from South Africa to the UK as I was going out with the wrong sort of guy! I arrived and whilst jumping off the tube managed to lose my luggage causing a security alert at Vauxhall. The police were delighted to find out I was going to stay with my priest uncle in Grimsby! The priest uncle was the person that set my path of travel by sending me on a two week holiday to Corfu. I met some friends and ultimately moved to London because of them.

Greece is a easy and fun destination. Aunty Jo loves it there and we have been on a few holidays along with me undertaking a few solo package weeks away. I always think I will waft on the beach getting in touch with my soul and my purpose. In reality it is sunshine, greek salad, some wine and a trashy novel!

Ultimately my best adventures are with friends. It has to be said I am a terrible explorer, I do not research the destinations, my packing is sporadic at best and I quite often forget some important item.

Even though I come from Africa some of my best adventures have been on that continent, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Zimbabwe to mention a few. Who could forget the clueless travellers on our overland truck tour with Joanna. They somehow got arrested and I had to go and bribe a police official to get one of them out of trouble. I have written about our Namibia trip where I would not have even found the car without Joanna’s help!

I remember travelling to Cape Town with Tracey who showed me a classier way of travel. Order room service and they bring your beer to you, in the hotel room!

Travels with Julie have been epic. She is not only a good planner but great fun. Our trip to South Africa was one of the best I had. Who can imagine walking Cheetah’s in the bush, it was spectacular.

There are also the places I would not go on my own, below a rather hilarious photo from my Tunisian trip with Julie. Julie has been travelling with me or guiding me through streets and airports in Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, Cape Town and even Australia

On reflection it is the friendships that make the travels more abundant. I have done the USA on my own and travelled to Canada and Malaysia and done a bit of Scotland and Ireland on my own. Having someone to share adventures with makes it all worthwhile.

I have been to Ireland a few times with my friend Sherry, there is something pretty magical about it. I have stayed with Sherry’s family a few times and they do indeed drink me under the table. I do think I may have shocked them a bit when when I tried to get out of her fathers land rover at church and inelegantly showed them more than they were used to!

I also went to Ireland just after my dad died at the invitation of my friend Eileen and we went on long walks and this helped with the healing of my heart. We also went to County Mayo, Ireland and I though it hilarious that there was an airport called Knock. It has to be said I love Ireland for the sheep, cute, white, fluffy sheep!

Ultimately we will travel again, maybe not this year but maybe next and it will be all the sweeter.

Have a wonderful weekend my lovelies!

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