It’s the small things

This morning my train was cancelled and as I made my way back home I started thinking of the small things that give joy. The train arriving on time would have been one. Other small things are emails from Lisa to check I am ok, phone calls with Joanna in Australia and Fridays gazebo pub night with Kate. These are small things but keep me sane in this lock down.

This past weekend was a good one starting with a gin night with Kate and Tim. A small thing trying different gins but it was fun. Saturday I went for a long walk with Marian and dragged her to a new butcher I had heard about. I had not quite worked out that it was hidden on an industrial estate. I had in mind to make a beef roast and having never made one what could go wrong!

I googled all the different recipes and watched a variety of chefs on you tube. This is the roast before I started cooking it.

The roast turned out better than I could have imagined. I even had enough left over for a blinding steak sandwich the next day. The small things like a good roast cheer me up. Now if the pubs could open my joy would overflow!

Have a great week my lovelies!

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