My Easter started with an epic garden pub gin evening next door. Sadly the weather deteriorated as did my mood. Today it is cold and overcast so I ordered a Co-op supermarket delivery. It arrived and I told the driver it was not for me, no sign of any wine!! He insisted I take it.

It is funny I had a few really bad texts from my nephew in South Africa and was feeling really low! This delivery has been the highlight of my weekend, I could do without the large amounts of dairy free milk. However, two huge bags of groceries! I phoned to tell them to take it back. As the bags have been in my flat they wont accept returns. I also had a delightful conversation with the call operator who is from Canada but based in Manchester! I love Canada and we had a good chat. I now have scotch eggs, steak, chicken wings, chorizo, ham and the list goes on. I am delighted and have donated some of it to my neighbours. I also have bread, carrots, olives, sun dried tomatoes and cheese! Could this be an early birthday present!

So not my normal blog but it has been fun to get something I was not expecting. I wont go hungry and they re-sent my original delivery of wine so if you dont see me I am in my flat eating and drinking this amazing food!

Happy Easter my lovelies!!

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