Out and About

You know you are in England when you are sitting in a deck chair in 14 degree weather drinking white wine while rain drizzles into your glass! Nikki said we could stay outside until wet hair was plastered onto our head. Luckily this never happened. This was the culmination of a day of social interaction.

I have to be honest when I woke up I was not really keen on going out. This was not helped by me cleaning my ears and somehow doing something to my left ear where I now appear to be deaf!

I was meeting my Zoo girls for brunch all very sophisticated. We met at Liverpool Street and went to this really lovely place called Beany Green. Yes, we were outside! Yes it was a bit chilly but seeing each other after so long was fabulous. I love the Zoo girls as we end up talking about travel, diversity, animals and wine! Whilst I teased Alison and Nikki for being vegetarian I inadvertently ended up with a vegetarian breakfast of sweetcorn fritters, smashed avocado and poached eggs.

After brunch Alison went home and I persuaded Nikki to come for a walk with me. I was lucky she had a small window in her busy social calendar as her two friends had cancelled her afternoon plans! We walked across London Bridge and through Borough market which was pretty quiet. There was some pretty special street art on the way!
The south bank was really busy and after trying three pubs and no tables I had this idea of trying a pub I knew off the beaten track. We thought a quick glass of wine before going home was a good idea. Of course a bottle is more economical so we went with that! A very good South African Chenin Blanc. We had a bit of a chat to the next table and I obsessed about a dog which looked like it had a bullet proof best on! What fun just to be out.

We had one final glass of wine and of course another selfie where I seem to have crick in my neck!

Today got me thinking how much I miss seeing different friends. I miss people! Just having a meal that I did not cook, talking about Nikki’s dating which is, in m opinion disastrous, not because of Nikki but the quality of men! Alison’s search for a puppy is not much better and my yearning for travel, not happening – made me laugh!

So my lovelies have a great week, onward and upward!!

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