You know you are tired when at the train station you look down and check that you have the same shoes on both feet!

I went out with my friend Alison on Friday for a walk down the river by Hammersmith. I used to live in Hammersmith in the purple palace. A friend of mine moved out and I sublet her flat, it was a small one bed flat and everything was purple! I had some really good times there. This is Hammersmith Bridge which is currently closed as it is going to cost £150m to repair.

Alison suggested I write my autobiography as she thought it would be interesting. I suggested I would call it ‘Another day in the land of what the f&*&* is going on’ she vetoed that title. I then said ‘what do I write about, how I never thought I would be a barren, single spinster who is addicted to pickled onions and bloody Mary’s’. She thought it was a good idea and laughed. It did make me think how funny life is.

We had an awesome walk and saw lots of very adorable dogs including a puppy. We then settled in for an outdoors pub drink. I had a bloody Mary. On my return to Hammersmith station I saw this very cute little planter. It is called the ‘potted history of S stock’

Have a great week my lovelies

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